East Yorkshire Repeater Group, a radio amateur group dedicated to providing repeater services including training to the East Yorkshire Region.

Hi anyone know whats up with GB7 HU its not linking to any reflectors, seems to have been like it for a while any ideas anyone
Check out this video on YouTube

Members of the East Yorkshire Repeater Group attending our Annual General Meeting on Thursday the 15th March 2012 agreed to the formation of an Emergency Communications Group. However to proceed with our registration with the Radio Society of Great Britian we must obtain all members details as soon as possible.

Could everyone interested in joining this group please download, print and complete the attached Membership Application form.

Please note - in order to join the Emergency Communications Group you are required to be a paid-up member of the East Yorkshire Repeater Group and this subscription will cover membership to both groups (Obviously the Repeater Group needs to recoup the ongoing costs of it's infrastructure!).

Please forward the completed form (and payment) to:

East Yorkshire Repeater Group.
3 The Green
HU11 4XF

Also I would be grateful if you have the ability to scan the completed form, can you please send the files to
"my name and callsign as shown below"@gmail.com

Many thanks and 73

Andy G0VRM (hint - no spaces)
Hi everyone, for those who run aprs and can remember when i was located down in hull i ran the MB7UHU irate and digi peatier, well i have applied for the NOV to be altered and re issued at my new address in Nafferton nr Driffield so very shortly ( hopefully) it will be back.

After reports that users were unable to connect to reflectors, I have stopped and then restarted the D-Plus service on the repeater. I have once again been able to connect using a DVDongle and put out a call. I didn't get a reply so was unable to determine if this has fixed the problem.

73 de Andy
Dear All,

We would like to cordially invite you to the East Yorkshire Repeater Group’s Annual General Meeting to be held at the Hull and District Amateur Radio Society on Thursday 15th March at 19:45. The meeting is open to everyone.

Please note that all of the committee positions are up for election and we would welcome nominations on the night.

In addition, we hereby notify you of the Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) which is to be held immediately after the Annual General Meeting to formally launch the East Yorkshire Emergency Communications Group which will provide a formal framework for the activities currently carried out by the repeater group.

73 de Andy G0VRM
Memory files will be made available for the IC-E92D, IC-E2820 and ID-E880 radios, for users within the Yorkshire Region providing the facility to D-Plus link into reflector REF005A, "Midstar" on REF036A and the proposed "Yorkstar" on REF013B, and D-Star connections between all Yorkshire D-Star Repeaters: GB7RW-C, GB7HU-B, GB7YD-B and GB7HX-B.

In addition all UK FM and D-Star Repeaters, arranged in separate banks for each UK region, with the means of linking to a whole host of English Speaking Reflectors. Users will need the Icom programming cable and software and will need change the following settings:

· My Callsign – currently blank and add /IC92, /2828 or /name
· TX Message - currently set to “www.eyrg.net
· GPS Message from “D-PRS Calculator” (see below)
· GPS-A Symbol – currently set to “Car” for IC-E2820 and “Jogger” for IC-E92D
· GPS-A Comment – currently set to “see www.eyrg.net
· GPS or GPS-A mode – preferred is GPS-A

An instruction sheet for the IC-2820 mobile rig will be available at Hornsea Rally (and downloadable from here) showing the memory channels, how to make the relevant...
The RSGB has released a preview of the November RadCom editorial that details some of the changes needed to see the RSGB survive in the current economic climate.

As repeater users, love them or not, we need a strong RSGB to plead our case before the regulatory bodies that control our hobby. The RSGB also provides an affordable insurance cover for repeaters that could not be financed by most repeater groups on their own.

Please read the attached PDF and consider joining the RSGB if you are not already a member.
It seems the website fell on it's face at some point last week, and in all honesty, I cant figure out why. However! The good news is that it is now working, and i am applying the most recent patches released during my holiday and this should stop the issue from happening in the future. This does mean further downtime, but ill keep it to less busy periods.

Apologies to all users of GB7HU for the lack of Internet connectivity over the last few days; it's now back on.

Following the storm on Thursday afternoon HU lost the 5.8GHz WLAN link between the gateway PC at Anlaby and the repeater's controller at Weedley. Initially I thought the head unit at Anlaby Common had failed again but after noting the strenghts of a few other signals on the 5.6GHz Band B, I substituted the head today with another brand new unit and got the same result. Resetting both to factory defaults and reloading the configuration made no difference either. As I was still not seeing the Weedley end suspicion then fell on that end of the link.

While I was fiddling with the link equipment at my QTH I decided to check the original unit that had failed and, sure enough, the signal used as a reference was around 16dB down on what I got with the other two units, confirming beyond doubt that it is faulty so it will be returned to the supplier.

A quick run up to the repeater site this afternoon confirmed that all was not well as I was unable to contact the head unit with my laptop and it didn't even show an Ethernet link light. Fortunately, the usual first resort for IT problems, i.e. turn it off and then on, got it going again. A quick check with my laptop confirmed the link had established connectivity back to Anlaby Common so I plugged the link back into the repeater and kept my fingers crossed that it was going to work when I got home.

What I suspect happened is that the storm caused a blip on the mains supply and that locked the head unit's CPU. The repeater group does have a brand new 2.2kVA uninteruptable power supply to install and that will fix all of the brown-outs, low and over voltage, spikes and noise problems with the mains supply at Weedley. It will...