Shower-powered radio is launched.

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    World’s first shower-powered radio is launched

    The team behind the award winning Wind-Up Radio, using new micro turbine technology, has officially launched the world’s first water-powered radio. The H2O™ brand and its earlier product range has also previously showcased on the hit BBC TV programme Dragon’s Den.
    The H2O™ Shower Powered Radio provides users with a convenient, and energy-efficient, means of listening to their favourite radio stations whilst in the shower. Using a patented micro turbine concept, the FM radio is powered solely through the motion of water flowing through a small H2O™ micro turbine; driving a generator that creates energy to power the radio. The radio dispels the need for disposable batteries, as the integral battery recharges as the shower runs.
    Turning on automatically when the shower is used, the H2O™ Shower Powered Radio memorises the last chosen radio station and speaker volume. The radio even allows users to carry on listening after the shower is turned off; using any excess energy stored in an integral Ni-Mh rechargeable cell. Whatever next!

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    Wonder if it would drive my linear or would it dissolve me before the first 400 watts of RF, not sure I could operate in the shower, my singing might get in the way..

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