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    For those of us who dabbled with APRS several years ago you should remember UI-View from the late Roger Barker G4IDE. Unfortunately, the development of this software stopped when Roger went silent key, and although I've recently managed to get it going again, it is becoming dated in the world of Google Earth.

    I have started looking for a replacement package and consulted the local expert Ian 2E1ICB to find out what he runs in his vehicle along with his infamous vancam (http://vancam.tk/). It turns out that Ian is running APRSIS, which is available for both Windows PCs and Windows mobile devices. The software (attached) is downloadable by registering on the software's Yahoo group (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/aprsisce/). Simply unzip the software into a directory on your PC, strike up the executable and it will take you through the configuration and automatically download maps from OpenStreetmap - a free mapping service similar to Google Earth.


    You should be able to follow GPS enabled D-Star stations as they move about (look out for Ian as he's always on the move) and communicate with APRS stations via the APRS Information System - a worldwide D-Star network - The software will run on Windows XP through to Windows 7, on Linux and Intel Mac using Wine

    If you're just curious look on http://aprs.fi, or if you have an iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad check out OpenAPRS.

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    hi andy me van cam site is
    www.vancam.tk look forward to seeing some more users on the map:cool:

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